Know Your Code
By: C.J. Cantwell


Hooli reported their main campus went through some routine maintenance this week that involved power-cycling various buildings, including the Endframe building. A Hooli representative advised this was part of a security check designed to ensure their systems were all up to Hooli’s high standards. As Hooli stated to us, “The company apologizes for any inconvenience, and power on all systems will be fully restored. Users can look forward to improved security and protected data at the high standards our company expects.” When pressed for further comment on the Hooli website, which is down today, they advised it was “unrelated” and reiterated, “Hooli is happy with the maintenance results. Any website disruption is coincidental and will be corrected shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Hooli may be happy, but we here at Code/Rag have a few concerns. How high can Hooli’s standards be if an entire building needs to be powered down to do routine maintenance? The fact that their website is also down, although allegedly unrelated, paints a picture of a company that can’t take care of its own systems properly. One would think a company as innovative as Hooli would have a more advanced system in place. What happens if they need to power cycle the building that holds HooliPhone data? Email servers? Could we lose access to the entire cloud at Hooli’s discretion? Let’s hope Hooli doesn’t need to do any “routine maintenance” on our personal data any time soon.

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